Monday, September 11, 2006

Still struggling

This weekend, I wondered if the troubles of the past week might have been a punishment for my less than enthusiastic response to Awakening UK. I was challenged by what happened to the official who responded to Elisha's prophecy of deliverance thus (2 Kings 7:2 Msg):
The attendant on whom the king leaned for support said to the Holy Man, "You expect us to believe that? Trapdoors opening in the sky and food tumbling out?"
to which Elisha responded:
"You'll watch it with your own eyes," he said, "but you will not eat so much as a mouthful!"
There doesn't seem to be a place in the Christian life for honest scepticism (which is what I thought that I was expressing).


Karin said...

Chas, God does not punish you for thinking things like that. God is a loving, understanding and fair-minded Father!

The troubles of the last week, from what I can gather, are a result of you rubbing someone up the wrong way, seemingly unintentionally.

It may be the person involved is insecure, has a chip on their shoulder or for some reason due to their past experiences was deeply hurt and cannot forgive and forget. Unfortunately some people are like that - or maybe we can all be like that if people push the wrong buttons.

If I have got the wrong end of the stick and the problem is technical, then that's more to the unreliable nature of modern technology than God's vindictiveness.

Have you read Messy Spirituality by Mike Yaconelli? You might find there's more room for honest scepticism in the Christian life than you thought.

Chas said...

I have a feeling that Messy Spirituality is on one of my wishlists. It would be good to get around to reading it.