Thursday, October 23, 2008

First principles

Does God exist? There must be, at least, the possibility that He doesn't. Since human beings all have different ideas of what God is like, then surely one explanation is that He isn't there at all - we've all made Him up.

If He does exist, what is He like? Again, we receive mixed messages. At the same time, He is kind, loving, and just, and eternally punishes some people simply for not knowing about Him.

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Jackie said...

You know, I do occasionally (maybe more than that) wonder if I haven't just made it all up. I think that it helps that I'm not uncomfortable with not knowing the absolutes (and in fact a lot of the so-called absolutes tend to make me think "Yes, but if that's the case then what about ..."). I just find that if I take God (my view of him anyway) out of the equation, the world simply stops making any kind of sense. Not that it makes total sense with him in the picture, but a total lack of God - I can't look at the world and see that.

I think I'm waffling and not necessarily making sense. I suppose what I'm saying is that it is more important - to me - that something is true than that is an objective fact. Of course something can be both, and I hope God is both those things, but I can't be sure. Which is probably horribly heretical, but intellectually and emotionally it helps me.

Jackie (Jack the Lass)